Stats and values on pogs Edit

People who appreciate the possibility of integrating the various gaming data in a program will find the ability to create and manage characters sheets during play beneficial.

It is indeed very easy to create character sheets in Gametable and to display and modify them easily during the game.


The easiest way to manage characters stats during play is associating stats and values with a character's pog. Whilst this can be enough for unimportant NPCs, it is not always enough for a full character sheet for player characters.

Full characters sheets Edit

Here is how you can design a full sheet.

First, you'll need a background for the sheet (in a style appropriate for the setting) that you'll place in the underlay folder.


And you'll need a pog for each type of information that shall be displayed on the sheet (caution: you need a pog for each type of information, not for each individual piece of information; so, for example, you need a pog for Stats, not one each for Strength, Agility, Intelligence,...). I use an image of the word representing the information type (for exemple "Stats") on a transparent background. Those pogs are to be placed in the pogs folder.


First, place background sheet(s) (one for each character you want to include) far from the maps which will be used during play (the size of the sheet is of no importance to Gametable, which table space is in practice unlimited).

Place a pog on the background, which will be used as illustration, and name it, it shall give access quickly to the character sheet by clicking it in pogs-in-play list.


For each type of information on the sheet, place the pog named after this type of information (for example Stats, Skills…) and give a value to each stat of this type (for example, for Stats, give a value to Strength, IQ, Luck…).

Categories Info

For each part of equipment (weapons,potions, scrolls,armour,...), place a pog and gives it the stats involved (range, damage, price, effect…).


All the needed information can be modified on the fly during play.

The Gamemaster can also place pogs representing the state of a character on his sheet (for example poisoned, possessed, etc.) with the associated characteristics (effects, duration, etc.) He can even do it on his private map without the player knowing about it. Or alternatively, each player can keep his own sheet on his private map, updating it himself.

Summaries of characters sheets Edit

And last, but not least, if you did enter the pogs on the character sheet one after another, they are placed in this order on the "Pogs in play" panel, with their associated values. Which can give you a quick summary an a quick way to make change.