This FAQ was written to address technical issues that you may have encountered. If you have non-technical questions, please review one of our other FAQs: Category:Frequently_Asked_Questions.

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General Problems

I get an error while trying to launch Gametable for the first time.Edit

This is probably because you don't have Java installed. Open a terminal command line and type java -ver (Windows: Start->Run and type in "cmd" without the quotes. OSX: Go->Utilities->Terminal but OSX should have it already installed). If you get an error, you need to install Java. You may download and install the latest version of Java from here:

When I launch, there are no pogs in the pogs area, or when I connect I get stuck "Streaming Images" forever.Edit

Make sure you unzip such that it preserves the directory structure of Gametable. there should be a top level directory that contains Gametable.bat and Gametable.jar In that directory, there should be 2 sub-directories called "pogs" and "underlays". If those aren't there, then you need to either create the folders or move them to that directory.